Birch Beer Crush?!

Hi all! I was just reminiscing about my maritime trip last summer, because I need to warm myself up by thinking of nice warm places instead of seeing that it is still frozen outside in the middle of spring. I was looking through the maritime trip album and I ran into a photo of me with a can of Crush birch beer.  What a weird concept, using birch bark as a flavour for a soft drink! I certainly don’t see this pop in my neighbourhood. 

To me it smelled like root beer! My parents say that while it is similar, it also has other flavour notes such as mint and tea, and is also quite sweet.

This is why I like going to new places, because I get to see my parents try new things! 

– Angus ?

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It’s April, and I’m still hiking in snow…

Hi frens, Angus here! A few days into April now, and it’s still snowing out…what a treat for me! I see buds on the trees ready to embrace the warm weather, and my parents have even started some vegetable seedlings hoping to transplant them outside soon, but the threat of frost lingers. 

As you may know, I love hiking through the snow, so I find today’s weather just fine by me! Here’s a video of me enjoying what’s probably the last snowfall for this prolonged winter, hiking in fresh snow:

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