Woohoo! New bed for me 🐶

Hello dear friends!

So I’ve been using my old bed I’ve had ever since I was picked up by my parents. Apparently it was getting a bit small for me:

But it was fine when I was a wee little pupper:

So I got a new bed this week! It is still kinda tight when I stretch out:

But I love the memory foam bedding and the side bolsters are nice and firm and at just the right height for me to rest my little noggin on:

I would say there’s around 20% more space compared to my old bed, and yeah I like to curl up when I take an afternoon nap so it is perfect for me! I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon so that I can take another nap in this fine bed! 🐶

– Angus 🐾

I made a new friend! His name is Archie!

Hi friends,

I met a new friend today, and he’s a West Highland White Terrier named Archie! He’s so small, and my parents tell me that I have to be careful not to play too hard with him since he’s still only 9 weeks old. Can’t wait for him to get bigger so that I can chase him around in the backyard and the woods ?.

Isn’t he just a doll?! I’m sure we’ll see more posts with him in the future!

– Angus ?