I’m going to enter the Canterbury Corgi races one day!

Hi friends,

Angus here with another update of my shenanigans this summer. 

So I really like to run around with my friends at the park, but yeah, I’m a little bit slower than the Labs and other longer-legged friends. But I feel like because of these trainings sessions, I’m quite fast for a Corgi:

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Heat wave in Toronto!

Hi friends!

We’re in the midst of summer now! Where I live in Toronto, we are experiencing quite the heat wave! It’s been a whole week now with temperatures of over 33 degrees Celsius each day. For my American friends, that is 91 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So when it is hot out, I have to shed my inner coat off, because if I didn’t, I’d bake into an Italian loaf, something like this:

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