The Many Faces of Angus the Corgi

Hi friends,

Angus the Corgi here with a February 2020 update! Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!

The adventure business is a bit slow here since the holiday season is over, so I’ve been hanging around the house and striking a few poses. Since I don’t really bark much, I have to show my feelings in different ways. The most natural way for me is using my ears! 

Here’s me with my usual ear angle, kinda in a v-shaped angle. This is me with my normal feelings… actually maybe wondering why I need to have so many photos taken of me:

And here’s me with a backwards ear angle. I think I’m getting lightly scolded for not posing for the camera and I’m kinda shocked! Don’t I look like a little bear here? 🐻

And here I’m adding a bit of head english to my usual feelings. This means that I’m wondering what’s up!

Okeedokie guys, thanks for visiting! I’ll be back with more updates, hopefully updates on adventures! We shall see…

– Angus the Corgi 

Oh Roh! I Have Small Booboo on my Pawpaw >.<

Hello dear friends,

Angus here with another update on my daily happenings. We are in December now, and usually it doesn’t really snow here till January, but once again we have had a significant snow event. I would say any depth of snow that is leg deep is significant… in my case that’s about 3 inches 😜…

So I have a little oochie on my front paw and I have to keep licking it because it is annoying. I think it might be from a giant grain of salt from the saltings the city does this time of year to make sure the non-4-legged type of pedestrian don’t slip on ice that might form on sidewalks. It probably got in between my claws and yeah it left its mark.

My mom sprayed on some disinfectant on my ouchie, and to make sure I don’t lick it she put an appropriately-sized sock on my paw! I have to be a good boy and leave it on:

I think it is getting better, so you guys don’t have to worry! Just hope I don’t step on much more giant grains of salt for the rest of this winter.

– Angus

I Love My Treats! I Got Some Duck Feet Today…

Hello Friends,

Angus here with another update on the life and times of Me, Angus! 

So I love treats, and it is known in the household that I like a nice treat after a long morning walk. I love whatever I can get: premium Milk-Bones, chicken jerky, beef lung strips, but there are some that I like more than others. One of my most favourite is duck feet! Imagine the skin-to-meat ratio of chicken wing flats, but then with a crunchy center of dehydrated bones! Hmm… I guess if chicken wings were dehydrated as dog treats then it’d be the same but then humans like chicken wings so they save them for humans. 

Here’s a video of me enjoying one of my most favorite treats! Enjoy!

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Praise the duck feet!

– Angus

I’m back from summer vacation!

Hello friends!

Angus here from a bit of a hiatus from posting on my website. But I have a lot of content to share with you guys! It has been a fine summer full of adventures and my paw-rents have been busy the past couple of months with their own thing so I’ve been busy keeping them company. 

So buckle up and I’ll have some fine posts for you guys starting new week! 🐢

– Angus

The first sign of Spring… other than the birds chirping

Hello dear friends,

Angus here for another update in the life and times of Angus the Corgi. I’m suffering a bit from cabin fever because it’s been a long winter, so I’m ready for Spring to arrive! Don’t get me wrong though, my pawrents still take me out on walks twice a day and with the occasional weekend hike, but it’d be nice to be able to go on long adventures and do some camping again.

The first sign of Spring is known in North America to be the robins singing their musical songs. It’s a nice song that tells me that the remaining snow on the ground is going to melt. 

Another first sign of Spring, at least at my home, is my pawrents changing their tires on their cars, from winters to all-seasons. Nothing pleases me more than supervising this change:

Yep, looks like everything went well:

Now the cars should be ready for nice and long summer adventures!

– Angus 🐾

Woohoo! New bed for me 🐢

Hello dear friends!

So I’ve been using my old bed I’ve had ever since I was picked up by my parents. Apparently it was getting a bit small for me:

But it was fine when I was a wee little pupper:

So I got a new bed this week! It is still kinda tight when I stretch out:

But I love the memory foam bedding and the side bolsters are nice and firm and at just the right height for me to rest my little noggin on:

I would say there’s around 20% more space compared to my old bed, and yeah I like to curl up when I take an afternoon nap so it is perfect for me! I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon so that I can take another nap in this fine bed! 🐢

– Angus 🐾

Time to make some no-knead bread!

Hi friends,

Angus here reporting on a nice mid-March day! It was a bit ruff, but I have finally gotten used to losing an hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings time. Well, at least the good thing about it is that sundown is now at 7:30pm rather than 6:30pm this time of year, so that’s another hour of daylight I get to enjoy in the evening. 

So my parents are into making things from scratch, like their deck and their tables. But they also like to make bread from scratch. I just love the smell of fresh baked bread! They also say I look like bread from time to time… is that true?

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten piece of their bread to try yet because my parents don’t give me any of their food. Well that’s ok, I know they won’t give me any so I don’t even ask. But they eat so much of this no-knead crusty bread they make a large batch every couple of weeks!

Alright guys, time for me to get back into my croissant position and have a nap! Till next time.

– Angus 🐾

Yes I get to have my favourite treat again!

Hello dear friends,

Can you guys guess what my most favourite treat in the world is? There’s just one that makes me so happy that I have to do a bit of a happy dance before getting down to the business of chewing the treat. 

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It’s pig ears! They are so yum, and so crunchy! I hope to get more pig ears soon ?! I’m not sure what gets my parents to give me pig ears, but whatever it is, I should do it more often.

– Angus ?

A nice day for a long nap

Hello friends!

Angus here for another update. So it is quite cold out today, and it is snowing! So I got to go out on the lake for some exercise:

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Hmmm, the good thing about being a corgi is that I have a double-layer fur coat to keep me warm in winter, and so even if it is in the minus double-figures and snowing out I don’t feel cold in the slightest bit. 

Once at home though, I love a nice afternoon nap as well! I like to also be nice and warm, don’t get me wrong ?.

Till next time!

– Angus ?

Oh man I really love these new treats! ?

Hello frienderinos!

Angus the Corgi here with another update! Hope you all are enjoying the winter holidays! I’ve been lucky enough to be at a couple of fun parties so far ?. I’ll be sure to share a post about my holidays soon!

So I love treats! I’m not like a devourer of grubs; I won’t vacuum up my food in 20 seconds or anything like that, but I do love treats! There’s such variety with treats and yeah, I suppose I do have some regulars like mini milk-bones and small pieces of freeze dried liver I get when I successfully do a trick which I like very much, but there are some super favourite treats that I get from time to time. I guess they are a special occasions kind of treat, or maybe when one of my parents are super happy that moment I get one, but whatever, all I can tell you is that there are some super treats out there.

One that I’ve been getting these days are dried pig ears. Wow, they are so nice and crunchy and flavourful ?! Here’s a video of me “enjoying” a pig ear:

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