Oh Roh! I Have Small Booboo on my Pawpaw >.<

Hello dear friends,

Angus here with another update on my daily happenings. We are in December now, and usually it doesn’t really snow here till January, but once again we have had a significant snow event. I would say any depth of snow that is leg deep is significant… in my case that’s about 3 inches 😜…

So I have a little oochie on my front paw and I have to keep licking it because it is annoying. I think it might be from a giant grain of salt from the saltings the city does this time of year to make sure the non-4-legged type of pedestrian don’t slip on ice that might form on sidewalks. It probably got in between my claws and yeah it left its mark.

My mom sprayed on some disinfectant on my ouchie, and to make sure I don’t lick it she put an appropriately-sized sock on my paw! I have to be a good boy and leave it on:

I think it is getting better, so you guys don’t have to worry! Just hope I don’t step on much more giant grains of salt for the rest of this winter.

– Angus

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