My Wardrobe!

I love to strut around town with my fancy finery, and I often get asked where I got such and such. So here's a list of items in my wardrobe that I've tested out in town or on the hiking trail.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are the affiliated sort. It helps me maintain this site. But I have tested and used all these products, and I recommend them wholeheartedly . They are listed in no particular order.



Ruffwear Red Collar: This is my current everyday collar. They are tough, but feel very comfortable around my neck. For those wondering, I wear a size M (14"-20"). So this size will work for my fellow corgis.

Ruffwear Blue Collar: This is my other collar I like to use on an everyday basis. Some days call for a blue collar, and other days a red collar.

Pooch & Tabby Hampton Plaid: Wow! This collar is so spiffy, and I like to wear if on bright sunny days out in town. 

Pooch & Tabby Buffalo Plaid: I wear this collar on cold winter days, because it somehow just feels like it should be worn outdoors with a mug of warm cocoa in one's paws (if I wasn't a dog)


Comic Book Bandana: Yeah, it's great to pretend to be a superhero sometimes! I like to wear this bandana whenever I feel like I need a bit of gumption when I head out. 

Camo Bandana: Nice to wear when I have to sneak up on some deer or turkeys ?


Spiderman: My favourite Marvel superhero is Spiderman! I wish I could climb up walls and swing from building to building. I kinda do have a sixth sense like Spiderman though, I use it to chase spiders around the house.

Reindeer Christmas Sweater: I wore this during a couple of Christmas parties my parents hosted last year. It was a hit! 


St. Patrick's Cap: Ah nothing shows my love of the Irish like wearing this St.Patrick's cap. When I wear it, I gain the luck of the Irish! This usually means more treats and pets!

I am 1!: I celebrated my 1st birthday back in November in style - I wore a crown with the #1 on it ☺ My mom made this for me and I can't wait to see what hat she'll make for my for my 2nd birthday ?

Christmas Reindeer: I wore this before Christmas to greet our Christmas guests! They thought it was adorable, but I think it is functional too, because I'm going to lead the sleigh for Santa. Move over Rudolph!

Safety Gear

Nite Ize Dog Safety Necklace: I wear this on my night walks every day because my parents want to make sure that drivers can see where we are in the dark. I also wear this when we go camping, so that my parents know where I am around the campsite at night ?

Ruffwear Front Range Leash: My parents go to leash when they take me out for walks. They think its 5 feet length is perfect for giving me the freedom to sniff the local shrubbery, while having enough control over me when I want to check out a dog friend coming around the corner ?