Pembroke Welsh Corgi FAQ

I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! An intro about my breed

I am a breed from Pembrokeshire, Wales, originally bred to herd livestock such as cattle, sheep, and horses. I am considered an intelligent breed, ranking #11 in Mr. Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, an excellent working dog he says I am.  Am I smart? ? Well, I do like to listen to my parents, because they are so happy and smiley when I do those tricks.

So What Is My Personality Type?

As a corgi, I am very affectionate, as I love being held and getting pets from my parents and other humans. I love being part of the family, so don’t expect me to be happy in the backyard alone, I need to be with my fam. I am very playful, as I love to play with other dogs at the dog park. I am a herding dog, so I chase anything that moves: birds, squirrels, other dogs, cats, children, etc. But I love being chased too, it’s all in good fun! Well, except for the Canada Geese, they are kinda a bit too angry to be my friend.


What's My Grooming Needs?

I hear that I shed a lot during Spring and Fall, to get rid of the fur that I no longer need from the previous season. But as far as I can see, it is a benefit that I shed, as I don’t need to go to the groomers to get groomed! 

To be specific, my magnificent fur coat is a double fur coat: a thick undercoat and a longer topcoat. That’s why my parents love using the furminator to groom me, as it is great at removing the thick undercoat that sheds and leave my topcoat in tact, which I need because it is my weather resistant coat.

I don’t need too many baths, because I’m not a smelly or drool-y breed. But when I do need to take a bath after a day of hiking on muddy trails, I don’t mind taking a bath.


How To Take Care Of Little Ol' Me

I’m a very easy going dog! I can spend the whole day hiking or running around, since I have pretty good stamina. But if my parents have to go to work or shopping, I can wait for them by taking long naps or play with my toys, it’s not a problem. They just give me a walk in the morning to do my business, and I get another walk after dinner.

I eat a cup of Acana Ranchlands dry dog food for dinner, and that’s it! It is very yummy! I hear my fellow corgis love to eat food so much that their parents have to make sure to not overfeed them, but I’m not that type of corgi. I guess us corgis come in different shapes and sizes and appetites! But I do love my treats, and my parents give them to me from time to time for a trick well done or after a nice walk. My favourites are freeze-dried liver and mini milk bones!


Well that’s about all I know about Pembroke Welsh Corgis! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and send your questions my way through my Contact Me! page.

– Angus ?