Another Fine Hike Through The Local Woodlot

Hi friends!

Angus the Corgi here to report on another overcast late November day in my nick of the woods. 

I previously mentioned there was some crazy early snowfall in early November, but after a few days of warmth all the snow has melted away, and we are back to the weather and landscape that me and my pawrents are used to for the month of November.

Here is a video of me on one of my several routes that I walk on every morning before my pawrents go to work. This video is sort of special because my usual videographer is trying out a new video equipment called a gimbal. Apparently it smooths out the bumps and shakiness that is inherent in a video where the camera person is moving. It is good because I’m always on the move!

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Hope you liked the video and I hope to have more videos of my hikes up using this new gimbal! 

  • Angus

Ah It’s Snowing Already In November!

Hello friends,

Angus the Corgi here with another update! So it is November here in my nick of the woods, and usually it’s around 5°C and drizzly but nothing crazy like snow. Well, we have lots of snow right now, which is great! I love running in snow and when my paw-rents aren’t looking I’ll eat a bit of that snow too!

Here’s a small snippet of me enjoying the first snowfall!

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If we continue to get cold enough temperatures for snowfall and it continues till March next year I’ll just be so giddy! My paw-rents on the other is yelling sometime about the darn polar vortex coming so often these days. 

– Angus