Merry Christmas y’all! ?

Hello and Merry Christmas friends!

Ah it is finally Christmas Day, and I am wondering what Santa Paws has for me this year? I have been a good boy this year, and I’ve made lots of new friends so I must have been good enough for a nice present yes? ?I would like some pig ears, those are my new favourite treats! You can even say it is my pick for the best treat of 2018. ?

Yesterday I went on a nice long hike with my pal Archie, and it was great! It was green out all of December up in my nick of the woods, but it snowed the day before, and it looks like we’ll have a white Christmas after all, albeit with maybe just 1 inch of snow on the ground.

Here’s a pic of me and Archie hanging out on some sort of rusted out trough:

Despite his smolness, Archie is a very energetic Westie that can walk for miles and miles! So my parents took us on a 2 hour hike yesterday, and yeah, maybe it was a bit too much for us, but that’s ok, because we had such a great time! 

Have a Merry Christmas all! 

– Angus ?

Oh man I really love these new treats! ?

Hello frienderinos!

Angus the Corgi here with another update! Hope you all are enjoying the winter holidays! I’ve been lucky enough to be at a couple of fun parties so far ?. I’ll be sure to share a post about my holidays soon!

So I love treats! I’m not like a devourer of grubs; I won’t vacuum up my food in 20 seconds or anything like that, but I do love treats! There’s such variety with treats and yeah, I suppose I do have some regulars like mini milk-bones and small pieces of freeze dried liver I get when I successfully do a trick which I like very much, but there are some super favourite treats that I get from time to time. I guess they are a special occasions kind of treat, or maybe when one of my parents are super happy that moment I get one, but whatever, all I can tell you is that there are some super treats out there.

One that I’ve been getting these days are dried pig ears. Wow, they are so nice and crunchy and flavourful ?! Here’s a video of me “enjoying” a pig ear:

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My friend Ripley paid me a visit last weekend!

Hello dear friends!

Last weekend my dear friend Ripley came over to visit me! It’s been a while, but we went straight to some good ol’ wrestling matches and playing tag, just like the good ol’ days when we were puppies. We just keep playing for hours until one of us gets tired! But rest doesn’t last long, because we get our second wind very quickly ?

Here’s us trying to look our best so that we can get the treats we deserve:

She sure knows how to look cute so that she gets all the treats!

Hopefully she visits again soon!

Angus ?

Finally a nice day here in my town in Ontario

Hi friends!

Angus the Corgi here with another post on a nice December morning here in Richmond Hill. I remember last year we at least had some sunshine in November last year, but this year I maybe saw two days of  sunshine last month. What a drag. According to this weather site (I like talking about the weather because I’m Canadian, that’s what we complain about), even Vancouver got more sunshine that us. That’s not fair! If they get mild temperatures through winter, then they shouldn’t have more sunshine too ?. But I kid, I would like to go there some day for a fine adventure ?

Here’s a photo of me enjoying the two best things in life: a nice walk on a sunny day and a nice piece of wood. In this instance, it is a nice piece of bark! 

– Angus ?

I babysat Archie the Westie over the weekend

Hello friends!

Angus here, reporting on events last weekend, where Archie the Westie stayed over my place on Saturday, since his dad needed to head out of town for a bit. He was practically a whirlwind of craziness, and he just kept on hitting me with a flurry of jabs! It’s all in good spirit, because he’s a young pup that has a lot of energy to go through.

Here’s a bit of the action:

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Archie is sure crazy! Also, a 65″4K UHD TV for $999? Not bad ?

– Angus ?