A nice day for a long nap

Hello friends!

Angus here for another update. So it is quite cold out today, and it is snowing! So I got to go out on the lake for some exercise:

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Hmmm, the good thing about being a corgi is that I have a double-layer fur coat to keep me warm in winter, and so even if it is in the minus double-figures and snowing out I don’t feel cold in the slightest bit. 

Once at home though, I love a nice afternoon nap as well! I like to also be nice and warm, don’t get me wrong ?.

Till next time!

– Angus ?

Winter walks in the snow are the best!

Hello friends!

Angus the Corgi here! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been doing my walks and visiting some of my friends even during  January and February. Hope you all have been keeping warm! My parents complain that it’s been a cold winter this year in our nick of the woods, but of course I’m okay, because I have a double fur coat to keep me warm ?.

Here’s a video of me on a recent walk and hearing some barking from a small doggie. He had a few questions and I answered back with gusto! ?

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– Angus ?