Riding Mountain National Park is a hidden gem!

Hi friends,

Another park I stopped by during my summer adventure of 2019 was Riding Mountain National Park, located in Manitoba, northwest of Winnipeg. I did a couple of hikes here, as well, I went to see if me and my paw-rents could see some bisons in the bison pen area of the park.

I found the Bald Hill hike quite fun! It was quite long but at the end I ended up on top of a hill without any vegetation growing on it. The views were quite amazing! It was very windy on the hill that day so perhaps that’s one of the reasons why there isn’t any vegetation on that hill:

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This was also the first camping spot on the trip and nothing pleases me more than to supervise my paw-rents while they set up the campsite:

Stay tuned for more updates of my summer adventures of 2019!

– Angus

Grasslands National Park is quite the sight!

Hi friends!

One of my first stops on my summer adventure of 2019 was Grasslands National Park, located in Southern Saskatchewan. It is a wonderful place where despite the lack of national vertical structures like bushes and trees, there are still quite a lot of wildlife to see here! It must be because there isn’t that many places they can hide. I saw prairie dogs, bison, deer and owls! 

Also the view is quite nice! I can see for miles and miles and perhaps spot a bison in the distance even in the middle of the day. 

In August the daytime can be quite hot, especially during hikes in the middle of the day and there’s no shade to rest in, so make sure to bring your water and a water bowl for the doggie! In the nighttime it is quite cool so make sure to pack your warm clothes and a nice thick sleeping bag! 

– Angus

I’m back from summer vacation!

Hello friends!

Angus here from a bit of a hiatus from posting on my website. But I have a lot of content to share with you guys! It has been a fine summer full of adventures and my paw-rents have been busy the past couple of months with their own thing so I’ve been busy keeping them company. 

So buckle up and I’ll have some fine posts for you guys starting new week! 🐶

– Angus