I Love My Treats! I Got Some Duck Feet Today…

Hello Friends,

Angus here with another update on the life and times of Me, Angus! 

So I love treats, and it is known in the household that I like a nice treat after a long morning walk. I love whatever I can get: premium Milk-Bones, chicken jerky, beef lung strips, but there are some that I like more than others. One of my most favourite is duck feet! Imagine the skin-to-meat ratio of chicken wing flats, but then with a crunchy center of dehydrated bones! Hmm… I guess if chicken wings were dehydrated as dog treats then it’d be the same but then humans like chicken wings so they save them for humans. 

Here’s a video of me enjoying one of my most favorite treats! Enjoy!

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Praise the duck feet!

– Angus

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