Finally some snow again!

Hello friends!

Angus here, and I am reporting on the weather in my ol’ nick of the woods. My main concern these days is that I haven’t gotten to play that much in the snow so far this winter, and we’re already in mid-January. But anyways, I’m sure it’ll snow soon. My dad is quite upset that he hasn’t been able to go ice fishing yet because it hasn’t gotten cold enough to go on the ice yet.

While I wait for the snow, I can still have some fun. Here’s me dashing through the woods in January without any snow on the ground:

Nothing pleases me more than a nice sprint in the woods ?! My next post will be about me enjoying my time in the snow. Hopefully that post comes soon!

– Angus ?

Oh wow it is snowing already!

Hi friends!

It is November now in Ontario, and it is starting to snow outside! It seems that it is quite early for such precipitation events, but I’m not complaining because I love snow. Here’s a video of me when I was a puppy enjoying a romp through the white stuff:

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Let’s see what kind of wintery adventures I’ll go on this year! 

– Angus ?