A Flashback to a Fine Camping Trip in 2018

Hi Friends,

Angus the Corgi here with another update in the life and times of Angus the Corgi. We are finally close to Spring! Which means I get to go on a camping trip soon! 

It is a cold, overcast day here in my nick of the woods today, and that got me reminiscing about a trip that I got to go on in September of 2018, which was a 5 day long trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park, located a couple of hours north of Sault Ste. Marie, ON. That trip was dominated by partly cloudy weather at best, and hard showers mostly. But it was still fun! I’ll publish a page soon that shows my Lake Superior trip in a more detailed way compared to my usual posts, so it will take a bit longer but I think it’ll be worth the wait.

To whet your appetite, here’s a photo of me saying hello at Mijinemungshing Lake, where I got to go on a canoe ride:

– Angus the Corgi


The Many Faces of Angus the Corgi

Hi friends,

Angus the Corgi here with a February 2020 update! Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!

The adventure business is a bit slow here since the holiday season is over, so I’ve been hanging around the house and striking a few poses. Since I don’t really bark much, I have to show my feelings in different ways. The most natural way for me is using my ears! 

Here’s me with my usual ear angle, kinda in a v-shaped angle. This is me with my normal feelings… actually maybe wondering why I need to have so many photos taken of me:

And here’s me with a backwards ear angle. I think I’m getting lightly scolded for not posing for the camera and I’m kinda shocked! Don’t I look like a little bear here? 🐻

And here I’m adding a bit of head english to my usual feelings. This means that I’m wondering what’s up!

Okeedokie guys, thanks for visiting! I’ll be back with more updates, hopefully updates on adventures! We shall see…

– Angus the Corgi 

Happy New Year Friends!

Hi All,

Angus the Corgi here wishing you a happy new year! Hope you guys made your resolutions for 2020 and that they all come true! 😄

As for me, I resolve to take more adventures in 2020 because that’s the spice of life. On that topic, I went to have some adventures last weekend with my paw-rents to a cabin somewhere close to Ottawa. It was great! I got to meet new friends and visit places I’ve never been before. The cabin was also very small but very cute! Since it is small and made for just a couple of people and perhaps a doggie, it can run the indoor electronics on solar power! The indoor stove and heater uses propane but yeah I find that pretty cool.

Here’s me posing with my cabin for the weekend. Isn’t is so smol and cute? (the cabin)

Even outside on the snow at -10°C I like to hunker down with a nice pig ear. It kinda has a different texture when it is cold…

I see a squirrel outside guys!

Posing near rapids on the Mississippi River near where we are staying. Yes, Ontario has a Mississippi River too! But here it’s a tributary to the much larger Ottawa River, whereas in the USA the Mississippi River is one of the largest rivers in that country.

Ok guys, thanks for checking in! I might have another post about my winter adventure so stay tuned!

– Angus 🐾

Oh Roh! I Have Small Booboo on my Pawpaw >.<

Hello dear friends,

Angus here with another update on my daily happenings. We are in December now, and usually it doesn’t really snow here till January, but once again we have had a significant snow event. I would say any depth of snow that is leg deep is significant… in my case that’s about 3 inches 😜…

So I have a little oochie on my front paw and I have to keep licking it because it is annoying. I think it might be from a giant grain of salt from the saltings the city does this time of year to make sure the non-4-legged type of pedestrian don’t slip on ice that might form on sidewalks. It probably got in between my claws and yeah it left its mark.

My mom sprayed on some disinfectant on my ouchie, and to make sure I don’t lick it she put an appropriately-sized sock on my paw! I have to be a good boy and leave it on:

I think it is getting better, so you guys don’t have to worry! Just hope I don’t step on much more giant grains of salt for the rest of this winter.

– Angus

I Love My Treats! I Got Some Duck Feet Today…

Hello Friends,

Angus here with another update on the life and times of Me, Angus! 

So I love treats, and it is known in the household that I like a nice treat after a long morning walk. I love whatever I can get: premium Milk-Bones, chicken jerky, beef lung strips, but there are some that I like more than others. One of my most favourite is duck feet! Imagine the skin-to-meat ratio of chicken wing flats, but then with a crunchy center of dehydrated bones! Hmm… I guess if chicken wings were dehydrated as dog treats then it’d be the same but then humans like chicken wings so they save them for humans. 

Here’s a video of me enjoying one of my most favorite treats! Enjoy!

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Praise the duck feet!

– Angus

Another Fine Hike Through The Local Woodlot

Hi friends!

Angus the Corgi here to report on another overcast late November day in my nick of the woods. 

I previously mentioned there was some crazy early snowfall in early November, but after a few days of warmth all the snow has melted away, and we are back to the weather and landscape that me and my pawrents are used to for the month of November.

Here is a video of me on one of my several routes that I walk on every morning before my pawrents go to work. This video is sort of special because my usual videographer is trying out a new video equipment called a gimbal. Apparently it smooths out the bumps and shakiness that is inherent in a video where the camera person is moving. It is good because I’m always on the move!

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Hope you liked the video and I hope to have more videos of my hikes up using this new gimbal! 

  • Angus

Ah It’s Snowing Already In November!

Hello friends,

Angus the Corgi here with another update! So it is November here in my nick of the woods, and usually it’s around 5°C and drizzly but nothing crazy like snow. Well, we have lots of snow right now, which is great! I love running in snow and when my paw-rents aren’t looking I’ll eat a bit of that snow too!

Here’s a small snippet of me enjoying the first snowfall!

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If we continue to get cold enough temperatures for snowfall and it continues till March next year I’ll just be so giddy! My paw-rents on the other is yelling sometime about the darn polar vortex coming so often these days. 

– Angus

Riding Mountain National Park is a hidden gem!

Hi friends,

Another park I stopped by during my summer adventure of 2019 was Riding Mountain National Park, located in Manitoba, northwest of Winnipeg. I did a couple of hikes here, as well, I went to see if me and my paw-rents could see some bisons in the bison pen area of the park.

I found the Bald Hill hike quite fun! It was quite long but at the end I ended up on top of a hill without any vegetation growing on it. The views were quite amazing! It was very windy on the hill that day so perhaps that’s one of the reasons why there isn’t any vegetation on that hill:

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This was also the first camping spot on the trip and nothing pleases me more than to supervise my paw-rents while they set up the campsite:

Stay tuned for more updates of my summer adventures of 2019!

– Angus

Grasslands National Park is quite the sight!

Hi friends!

One of my first stops on my summer adventure of 2019 was Grasslands National Park, located in Southern Saskatchewan. It is a wonderful place where despite the lack of national vertical structures like bushes and trees, there are still quite a lot of wildlife to see here! It must be because there isn’t that many places they can hide. I saw prairie dogs, bison, deer and owls! 

Also the view is quite nice! I can see for miles and miles and perhaps spot a bison in the distance even in the middle of the day. 

In August the daytime can be quite hot, especially during hikes in the middle of the day and there’s no shade to rest in, so make sure to bring your water and a water bowl for the doggie! In the nighttime it is quite cool so make sure to pack your warm clothes and a nice thick sleeping bag! 

– Angus

I’m back from summer vacation!

Hello friends!

Angus here from a bit of a hiatus from posting on my website. But I have a lot of content to share with you guys! It has been a fine summer full of adventures and my paw-rents have been busy the past couple of months with their own thing so I’ve been busy keeping them company. 

So buckle up and I’ll have some fine posts for you guys starting new week! 🐶

– Angus